Online Contest

Every three months, Kester Grant College awards a lucky visitor who enters this contest with a prize. Winners are selected based on a criteria of their answers. For instance, one month, KGC may select a winner who is 23 years of age, who's favorite pet is a dog, and whose favorite hobby is Skiing. Winners are announced monthly, and will be contacted through email. All information entered bellow is kept strictly confidential, and will not be sold to third parties. So please, feel free to enter our contest for a chance to be KGC's next lucky winner!

Contestant Information
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1) What is your favorite color?
2) What is your favorite pet?
3) What is your favorite hobby?
4) What is the name of our director?
5) What is the name of our president (hint see the about us section of our web site)
6) What is your favorite food?
7) Which month are you planning to visit Vancouver?