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  Visa Information
  All International students require a Visitor's Visa to study in Canada. Students from some countries can obtain this Visa at the point of entry where students from other counties must obtain a Visitor's Visa from the Canadian Embassy nearest their home before departing for Canada. Please check with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for more information.


Student Permit

  An international student who will study in Canada for period greater than 6 months must obtain a Student Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). To obtain this Permit, students must:
• Obtain a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from KGC.
• Proof that your tuition has been paid.
• Proof that you have financial resources to live in Canada for the study period and for return travel to your home country.
• International students from some countries must undergo a medical examination.

To apply for a Student Permit, please visit the Canadian Embassy nearest your home. Please note that students cannot apply for a Student Permit from within Canada. As such, students who register for programs under 6 months in length and decide to extend their study will be required to leave Canada to apply for a Student Permit.

Students who have a Student Permit about to expire can easily renew their Permit using a simple mail in procedure. Please see the KGC Receptionist for assistance with Student Permit Renewals.



Adapting to a New Culture

  Studying abroad is one of the most important life decisions that you will make. Learning to thrive in a new culture will be challenging, overwhelming but very exciting at the same time.

When you first come to Canada everything will be new and exciting. However, after a few weeks or months, students will often begin to develop feelings of homesickness or frustration. These feelings are normal and expecting them is the first step in overcoming them. Other tips to help you overcome these feelings include:
• Get extra support by talking to the Academic Director, your teacher or friends.
• Surround yourself with family photos and mementos and write or email your family often.
• Become familiar with your new surroundings. You’ll be surprised how much of your country is represented in Vancouver through special shops, restaurants and cultural events.

Before you know it, you will begin to appreciate the new culture you are experiencing without giving up your own culture and values. Studying abroad leaves students with a profound memory and great life experience.



Student Checklist

  Once you have been accepted to study at KGC;

• Apply for a passport if you don’t already have one
• Apply for a Visa if it is required
• Reserve your flight ticket well in advance to secure a seat
• Buy private medical insurance through KGC
• Develop a budget to ensure sufficient funds
• Apply for homestay and airport reception if needed
• Carry traveler’s cheques and a small amount of money in local currency
• Make photocopies of all your documents i.e. passport, medical insurance, itinerary, flight ticket etc...
• Pack your luggage and label them with your name and KGC’s address
• Pack a carry-on to hold all your documents, valuables, toiletries and a change of clothes
• Provide your parents/family with KGC’s contact information as well as your homestay information
• Bring family pictures and mementos as a personal comfort



Safety in Vancouver

  Vancouver provides a safe and friendly environment which will make your experience a pleasant one. Regardless, it is always best to take precautions;

• Familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and avoid unsafe areas
• Do not give your name, address or phone number to strangers
• Do not walk alone at night
• Do not hitchhike or accept a ride from a stranger
• Always have your keys ready to open your car door and home door, lock it immediately after you
• Let someone know your daily plans
• Do not carry too much money - use traveler’s cheques
• Do not drink and drive
• Avoid all drugs



Your Money

  It is very important for one to familiarize them selves with new currency. It is best to begin by developing a budget so one will know how much money to bring with them. This balanced budget should include tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, transportation, entertainment, meals, clothes etc… Once you have settled in, you may want to consider opening a bank account at a local bank. You will need to provide the bank with your passport, student ID, and the funds to be deposited.
For convenience you may choose to use an ATM card or a credit card.

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Vancouver Fashion

Vancouver enjoys mild weather throughout most of the year. The blossoming of spring brings temperatures lingering between 10 to 18 degrees Celsius. Vancouver streets and attractions are filled with people wearing casual light clothing as well as light sweaters and jackets.

The summer months are warm and comfortable. The days are enjoyable with temperatures averaging around 20 Celsius and evenings cooling down having Vancouverites wear a sweater or light jacket.

Most years, Vancouver enjoys summer - like weather well into late October. As fall weather really begins to set in, rain gear and warm clothing is needed.

Vancouver winters are often mild and wet with some snow fall. Winter temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees Celsius providing great ski and snowboarding conditions. This time of year in Vancouver requires warm clothing, coats, boots, umbrellas and rain gear.



Visiting the U.S.A.

  Vancouver is a border city to the American state of Washington and our international students are often enticed to visiting the United States (US) after arriving in Canada. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a Visitors Visa to the US after you arrive in Canada. If you think you will visit the US while studying in Canada, please consider applying for a US Visitors Visa before leaving your home country. See the US Embassy nearest your home for more information.