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Q. Why do students choose to study at Kester Grant College?

A. Students choose KGC for many reasons including:
• KGC is a well-established school with over 10 years experience in education and training.
• KGC offers a range of language, computer, academic preparation and general interest programs.
• International students can choose from programs that will build their English skills or prepare them for academic entrance or for employability.
• Canadian and permanent resident students enjoy the flexible scheduling of our after school, evening and weekend programs.
• KGC employs qualified and professional teachers.
• KGC administrative staff is friendly, experienced and committed to meeting our students’ needs.


Q. What will I need before I come to study in Vancouver?

A. International students who are coming to KGC for a period of six months or more must obtain a Student Authorization from Citizenship Immigration Canada. Depending on the country of citizenship, international students may also need a Visitor’s Visa prior to entering Canada. Visit the nearest Canadian Embassy to your home for more details.


Q. How do I get to KGC?

A. KGC is located about 25 minutes from the Vancouver International airport. KGC is easily accessible by public transit (see Contact Us) for a map. Student parking is available for those students who drive to KGC.


Q. What facilities does KGC offer?

A. KGC owns its facilities, which include administrative offices, classrooms, a computer lab and a lunchroom with vending machines, microwaves and hot water.


Q. Which KGC programs can I take?

A. KGC Adult programs are open to all students 18 years and over. Many of our kids and youth programs have age restrictions (see programs).


Q. What makes KGC’s ESL program different from other schools?

A. Most private language schools offer day English programs only. KGC offers a range of full and part-time day classes as well as evening and weekend classes. KGC also offers a range of English for Special Purpose courses such as English for Tourism, English for Medical Terminology and English for Academic Purposes.


Q. How is UFP different from ESL?

A. UFP is a very different program from ESL because the curriculum includes a focus on technical terminology and applies study skills, group/team work and report and presentation skills. Students in the UFP program are serious students who are prepared to work hard at learning in English in an intensive program that includes a homework component.


Q. How many students are in a class?

A. Class sizes at KGC are dependent on the program. For example:
• ESL classes have between 12 – 14 students.
• UFP classes have 10– 14 students to enable good group dynamics.
• Computer related classes have between 12 – 14 students.
• Craft and Floral classes have between 10 – 12 students so the teachers can work with each student.


Q. Do I need Medical Insurance to study at KGC?

A. All KGC students must be covered by medical insurance. Local students are required by BC Law to apply for BC Medical Insurance. International students are eligible for BC Medical Insurance after three months in Canada. KGC will assist international students in purchasing private Medical insurance to cover this three-month waiting period.


Q. What Services does KGC offer?

A. All KGC students will enjoy our:
• Relaxing lunchroom
• Free access to the Internet
• Student Advising.

KGC also provides our international students with special services that include:
• Airport Reception
• Homestay
• Activities and Excursions