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Student Policies

Admission Policies

UFP Program

For UFP admission, students must submit a completed application form along with the application fee and copies of academic records/transcripts to KGC. KGC will review the application and send an acknowledgement letter to the student that indicates their acceptability and tuition fees due. Upon receipt of the student’s tuition fees, KGC will send the student a letter of acceptance.

Attendance Policy
UFP Program
The UFP attendance policy is based on the UFP curriculum policy, which indicates students who miss more than 10% of their classes may be prevented from advancing to the next level.

Dismissal Policy
KGC students are expected to treat their teachers, administrative staff and fellow students with respect and dignity. During classes, students are expected to behave in a fashion that is not disruptive to other students. In the event a students violates these expectations they will receive:

1st offense A verbal dismissal warning
2nd offense A written dismissal warning
3rd offense Student will be dismissed from the school without refund.

In the event of a serious infraction, KGC teachers and administrative staff reserve the right to proceed to student dismissal without warning.

Dispute Resolution Policy
Students who have a grievance with a KGC staff member should:
1. Discuss the problem directly with the person involved. If it is not resolved go to Step 2.

2. Submit a letter describing the complaint and proposed solution to the Academic Director (or Managing Director, if the complaint relates to the Academic Director). Keep a copy of this letter for your records. You will receive a written response within 7 days. If you are not satisfied, proceed to Step 3.

3. Submit a letter to the Managing Director (or President if the complaint relates to the Managing Director) stating why you are not satisfied. Attach a copy of all correspondence relating to this complaint. You will receive a response within 7 days.


Medical Insurance
All KGC students must be covered by adequate medical insurance. International students are eligible for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) after three months in Canada. On the first day of school, KGC will assist international students in purchasing private medical insurance to cover this three-month waiting period. KGC will also assist international students with making application for MSP.

Due to BC legislation that requires all BC residents be covered by medical insurance, it is the responsibility of all Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens to be covered by MSP.

Refund Policy
UFP Program

Term Four months, four sessions starting September, January and May
Session Four weeks, starts monthly

• Students wishing to postpone their studies or take time off, may do so with a two-week prior written notice. A$100.00 fee will be applied for subsequent requests.
• Students unable to obtain a visa are entitled to a full refund less all Non-Refundable Fees. Students must request for a refund in writing two weeks prior to the start of their course and return the original Letter of Acceptance with a copy of the rejection letter issued by Immigration Canada to your registrar, otherwise Cancellation policies will apply to the refund.

Tuition Refund
Date of Payment to 30 calendar days before the students start date
29 or less calendar days before the student’s start date.
After 0% to 10% of program completion
After 11% to 19% of program completion
After 20% or more of program completion
No refund


• All requests for refunds must be made in writing.
• Application fees, Homestay and Airport Reception fees are non-refundable.